Areas of Work

Harminder is a practising artist and lectures in innovation, strategy and management of change at Warwick Business School

  • Artist
    • Conceptual art
    • Photographer
  • Author
    • Times Present
    • Skinship – the role of the next generation in cultural renewal
    • Contributor to Black & White magazine

Innovation and Creativity in Organisations

He is a module author in Innovation and Management of Change.

Conflict Management & Team building

Harminder has helped teams from senior management to operations. The approach is to align with how the team sees itself and to deal with team issues in a practical way around concrete actions.


At both individual and group level a number of training modules are available which are customised to what is happening in your situation. Such training typically leads to change and has been integrated into managing change in the workplace.


Often problems exist but it requires an outsider’s view to define the problem. Working with management, Harminder helps define the problems in a way that leads to practical solutions. Such solutions are typically in place before the end of the consultancy and usually the company are in a position to execute changes themselves. The key approach is to pass on the knowledge to the company.


Harminder has developed a training programme on Race which is one of the United Nations – International Labor Organisations global products. Diversity in the workplace is becoming a source of creativity and competitive advantage and Harminder can help companies develop their policies , which can include the provision of literacy training for customer facing staff, through to developing cross-functional teams involved in new product development.

Enquiry & Evaluation

Issues often require independent scrutiny which may include looking at processes, procedures and policies. Harminder’s approach is to provide guidance and practical recommendations which leads to long lasting resolution.

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