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Innovation – is it an anxious hurrah word in a world where it seem increasingly difficult to differentiate one product or company from another or is it just a new word for old ways of doing things? Forbes argues that we need a filter to sort out bad and good innovation. What is good innovation? Forbes argue that it is either something that makes a service or product more compatible with humans or allows us to do more with less effort.

I agree with both these sentiments however it is easy to agree as the filter is too coarse – of course we need innovation to make our lives easier but does that really need to be stated…would anybody buy a product which made their lives harder? The path of innovation is rarely a leap but goes in small and medium steps constantly improving what already exists. A real leap, some radical departure from the path is necessary to start a new way of doing things. The key innovation in recent years has been the use of digital technology, which truly has been revolutionary.. If it was, say 1990, you probably would be reading this in a physical newspaper or magazine, such as Forbes.

The outcome of innovation is not the innovation itself, and a criteria to judge the usefulness of innovation is easily done in retrospect but recognising the value of an innovation can be more difficult as how can we be sure that we are not rejecting an innovation simply because it is….too innovative.

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